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Q&A 5


1:00 More details about your knitting machine
1:57 Amigurumi dragon - What size yarn and hook do you use?
2:35 Toe-up socks - What do you mean by increase every 3rd stitch in 3rd round?
3:58 Toe-up socks - What size yarn are you using?
4:23 Circular jacket - I added one row of different style. My circle is wavy. Should I increase or decrease?



Q&A 4


0:48 Crochet basket - Do I have to join the round?
2:08 Circular jacket - Hood
3:31 Doggy sweater - Will it work for a mini maltese?
4:03 Knitting socks - Do you always weave in the ends or do you brais the ends together when joining two ends?
4:40 Crochet sock - Where can I get such long hooks?
6:53 Worm hat in German - How to decrease



Q&A 3

0:30 Circular jacket - it keeps in falling off my shoulders Front coverage for the sweater
1:45 Crochet materials recommendation for beginners
3:45 Crochet toe-up socks - I stopped increasing but it looks still round and not like
a sock.
4:39 Wrong double crochet - DO you have a suggestion for a tripple crochet?

Q&A 2

1:00 What type of yarn are you using for the oven mitt?
2:04 Do you have a written pattern for the scoodie?
3:04 Circular jacket - how long does it measure before you put the sleeves on?
4:25 Swirl hat - Did you carry the white yarn with or did you use 2 balls?

Q&A 1

0:36 How much yarn do I need for a Solomon's knot shawl?
1:53 How many stitches do you need for the crochet bag?
3:12 Can I use worsted weight yarn for the scoodie?










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